The role of a responsible person is very important from a registered charities point of view.

But how do you know that  you are the responsible person in your organisation?

Well that depends on the entity’s structure.

Incorporated Association (under state or territory law)

  • Each member of the committee

Company limited by guarantee (under the corporations Act 2001(Cth)

  • Each director of the company

Indigenous corporations ( under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Act 2006 (Cth))

  • Each director of the corporation


  • Each of the trustees (and if there is a corporated trustee, the directors of that corporated trustee)


  • Directors of the co-operative

Unincorporated associations

  • The members of the governing body and or administration officers.

If the responsible persons change you must notify the ACNC, this includes changing of roles. This includes the president, vice president or treasurer

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