Assurance and Auditing for NSW Sporting Groups

Brown Auditing Services is well-equipped to conduct audits for Sporting clubs. Our qualified accountants and experts will carry out the necessary auditing procedures that yield detailed reports. We will provide advice on how to read the reports and what next steps, if any, your sporting group should take.

Importance of Audits for Sporting Groups

Sports play a significant role across all regions. These groups are formed with the purpose of attracting like-minded people and building community. A sports club constitution may be required to complete periodical audits and review. This has to do with the fact that local clubs are typically funded by the local community, and that the community wants to be reassured that the funds are being handled appropriately.

Thorough, regular audits ensure peace of mind and confidence that a group is being managed in a compliant and transparent manner.

Financial Auditing Services

As the director or manager of a sports club, you can’t be expected to spend time working on your accounts – you have far more important business to attend to! Don’t worry – Brown Auditing Services can review or audit your records to allow your crew to focus on the day-to-day running of the club.

Our services are offered at a cost that is appropriate for your organisation – we can add value without breaking the bank, by ensuring that the group is adhering to your governance and compliance needs.

Planning, Safeguarding, and Growth

Brown Auditing Services believes that effective management is about having rich variety of audit driven insights available to you at all times. This allows for planning for new growth, new strategies, as well as periods of adversity.

Our professional team will ensure that your reports are compliant, up-to-date, and that you don’t have to think about them any more than necessary.