Tailored Auditing Services in Newcastle

Brown Auditing Services tailor our approach and advice to each client and their unique business needs. Our policy is to always be hands-on by assigning accomplished partners to each project. This way, you build a relationship with the auditor working on your accounts, and they learn how you operate.

Understanding People, Understanding Organisations

Over the years, Brown Auditing Services has built strong, lasting bonds with clients by understanding not only the organisations, but the people who run them. By adopting this policy, we ensure the credibility of your Financial Statements and Reports, as well as guaranteeing assurance to your directors, committee members and management. We protect you by keeping up to date with legation and regulation changes.

Arms-Length Approach

It helps to have an arms-length approach when handling audits of any company, as it can be difficult to be impartial or clear-sighted when dealing with the day-to-day running of a business. Our auditors may spot something that would otherwise have gone unnoticed, or question something that had been taken for granted as being compliant.

A Range of Services

We offer a diverse range of services to assist accounting firms meet compliance, including:

  • Developing and implementing audit working papers using Caseware templates.
  • Developing client relationships to assist in strong compliance with accounting standards.
  • Designing micro audit working papers
  • Preparing planning and risk documentation for statutory audits
  • Internal review of audit files
  • Completion of audit workings for discussion with those charged with governance.
  • Updating compliance of Statutory Audits and working papers
  • Working closely with Boards and management
  • Trust Auditing for accountants and trustee companies.

High Quality Audit and Assurance Services for Accounting Firms in NSW