Comprehensive Auditing Services for Clubs

Whether you are a small sporting club, local bowling club/RSL or golf club, Brown Auditing Services is on-hand to provide tax and accounting related services. Club constitutions and regulations require them to carry out regular audits. We work closely with the management and the committee to make sure information is being well presented and there is compliance with correct accounting standards.

Compliant Financial Statements

Clubs require auditors to ensure that the financial statements of clubs are in accordance with criteria from the Australian Accounting Standards. Brown Auditing Services’ experienced team conducts audits by thoroughly and closely reviewing business operations to identify any potential weaknesses or irregularities. Our role is to be up-to-date on all requirements and to identify any potential issues with compliance.

Audit Programs

According to Australian Accounting Bodies recommendations, we closely review business operations and gain a clear understanding of our client before creating an audit program and the scope of the activities involved. To this end, we will spend a large portion of time getting to know the day-to-day running, goals and history of the Club. This allows our auditors to understand how best to manage and implement the ongoing auditing process for your Club.

Thorough Examination of Reporting Procedures

We also like to engage with internal control procedures to determine whether they are effective. Due to the scope of club audits, we often find that thorough examining of every detail can be very productive. Once certain areas of a club’s operations have been thoroughly examined, we can often suggest ways in which they can be improved for ease of reporting going forward.

Current Clients

Brown Auditing Services are proud to be auditing officers for local New South Wales clubs and sporting institutions. Our current clients include:

  • Kempsey Macleay RSL Club
  • Smithtown Recreation Club
  • Karuah Tennis Club
  • New Lambton Football club
  • St George Football club
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