Audit and Assurance Services for Health Care Services in NSW

At Brown Auditing Services, we have a long history of providing auditing, assurance and medical accounting services organisations across the healthcare sector in Hunter, Manning and the Central Coast. A highly regulated sector such as healthcare makes quality auditing and financial oversight essential.

As a trusted accountant for doctors, our team ensures every annual financial statement presented by the management and board complies with regulatory and statutory reporting requirements.

Importance of Auditing and Medical Accounting Services

An independent audit reassures members, regulators and other stakeholders of your medical system that financial statements are true and that funds are appropriately managed. More specifically, our services help doctors and medical services:

  • Consider the risk of material misstatement due to error or fraud
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of policies and record keeping practices
  • Provide budget forecasts and cash flow projections
  • Review corporate governance and risk management processes
  • Assess how reasonable any accounting estimates are
  • Review the overall presentation of the financial report

Quality audits and reviews by a doctors accountant supports compliance efforts while ensuring the medical business is financially sustainable and operating efficiently.

Our Approach

When you engage a medical accounting expert at Brown Auditing Services, we deliver a fully tailored approach that considers the wider healthcare industry as well as the specific circumstances of your medical business. Our specialist audit and assurance team work closely with leadership teams across the health sector, including in aged care, to ensure compliance, reduce business risks and improve organisational outcomes.

Benefits of Our Financial Audits

From small doctors’ offices to medical centres, community pharmacies and hospitals, we can personalise our approach according to your unique financial reporting requirements. A medical accountant from our team can implement key management and internal controls to mitigate risks and provide an independent opinion on financial statements.

Our audits add credibility if you’re seeking finance or investment opportunities, assist with due diligence procedures, and provide audit opinions for grant acquittal. By using electronic audit workpapers and other modern tools, we can also improve audit efficiency. As an experienced accountant for doctors, we also ensure confidentiality and security of information.

Medical Accounting and Auditing in New South Wales

At Brown Auditing Services, we’re the doctors accountant you can trust for financial auditing services across Maitland, Hunter, Rutherford, Orange, Tamworth, Dubbo, Taree and the Central Coast. Book a no obligation consultation to see how a medical accountant can help you. Call +61 428 661 200 today or contact us online.